Curtains are important as it will regulate the temperature, control the natural light and also provide that amount of privacy you need for the room.

Shed some new light on your space with our very own collection of custom made curtains. With the made-to-order curtain that we offer, your room will experience a new vibe and gives a different feeling to the whole space.

Apart from that, our collection also include imported fabrics coming from UK, Belgium, US, and Korea. So just come and let us know your choice of patterns, designs, colours, and tone and we will know how to do charm to your room from there.

Pencil Pleat Curtain


Most people who wanted to have that shirr effect will opt for this style. It is automatically pleated making it convenience for those who do not have time to do that detailed elaboration or adding more inch to create that effect. It functions by pulling the cords to create even gathering to make it fit slightly to a wider or narrow window. You can also save time and do not have to ponder over on what type of valances you need to buy since you already have the right one which do the right setting for you.

Triple Pinch Pleats Curtain


If you want to go for a formal and elegant look, triple pinch pleat is the perfect curtain for you. It is sewn in trios giving it that wonderful fan shape and providing you with that full drape details. As compared to pencil pleat, it is already stitched so you will not be able to alter the width. Given the amount of fabric requires for this type, it is advisable that the track goes beyond the windowpane so that it will not obstruct the window when you stack them back.

Cottage pleats Curtain


If you want to have that shorter drop instead of lengthy kind of curtain, go for the soft and gentle cottage pleat. It works by sewing a 1” tape at the rear of the curtain with 2’ down from the top and giving you that stand up finish when pulled up. This curtain is suitable for traditional country setting or children’s bedroom. The heading can also be used with tracks or poles and has one row of pockets for the curtain hooks.

Wave Curtain


Most of the curtains are hanged in line with the track, however for this kind of style, it will fall directly below the track. It still maintain its contemporary effect with large symmetrical folds by using a special track. It is also suitable for smaller windows.

Goblet Curtain


The stunning goblet drapery gives that feeling of exclusivity and detailed finishing when installed at your window. It requires the use of heavier fabrics and lining to fit that formal concept. It can also adapt to traversing drapery rods but are used mostly in stationary panels.

Cartridge Curtain


To have that flatter effect, opt for cartridge style curtain because the patterns are easier to read with this type. It is formed with large cylindrical folds to give you that contemporary feel. You also get to save more fabric as it requires less to cover the window but still maintaining its functionality. It also works best when hanging below the pole.

Tabtop Curtain


If you want to create a more relax and open ambiance  to your room, try the tab tops as it allows more lighting and reduce the level of privacy. It requires less fabric and good choice if you do not want to have heavy materials for your window. This style is suitable only for poles.

Eyelet Curtain


Suitable mostly for French windows, bi-fold door, it is hanged in wide, loose folds giving it a more modern look. It is suitable for poles only but can also be hanged with the big ring slots. You can also use both light and heavy weight fabric according to your preference.

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