Window Blinds

Window Blinds

Blinds is another type of window treatment other than curtains. The main purpose is to obscure the light yet you can still go for the look that you want. Even with a direct cleaner and sharper look, blinds can also contribute to the atmosphere you give to the room. Blinds are usually suitable for offices or homes with modern concept. We have collections of blinds to choose from and we will advise you on what’s best for your homes.


Roller Blinds

Venetian Blinds


Colour options for the blinds can set the tone and mood for the room. Whether you want it to feel more corporate for offices or sleek design to give that creative feel, you can have it as long as it goes well with the overall concept of the room.


We can show you the kind of textures that should fit your room purpose. Light, heavy or sophisticated, you can have it installed in your window and still maintaining its overall goal.


You can achieve the right mood and reflect it to those who walk in the room. Set the vibe right and we will let you know how.


What is more fun to have the face of your loved ones in our custom made window. With our up to date technology, you can have it in your room and be different than others.

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